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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiation Skills Training

What defines a “great” negotiation? Think strategically and develop your skills; have the tools to analyse the process, understand the behaviours, and select the right course of action

All sectors - All functions - All levels

Maximise the Value of Deals

Increase the profitability of deals through more effective negotiation. Save money and create value by investing in negotiation skills training

98.9% of customers recommend us

Global Standards Locally Applied

Our investment in local consultants ensures programmes are delivered with maximum understanding of local language, culture and business practices

Offices in 48 countries - Consultancy and training in 29 languages 

Open Negotiation Course Dates

Sign up for a Scotwork open negotiation course and equip yourself to negotiate with confidence and success. Join our expert negotiation consultants and a mix of participants from diverse backgrounds. Enjoy a unique mix of fascinating insights, inspiring stories, authentic case-plays and in-depth video analysis. Check out the dates for our next open negotiation skills course.

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Course Start Date End Date Location Sign up
ANS 16/10/2023 18/10/2023 Singapore
VANS 14/11/2023 17/11/2023 Virtual
ANS 11/12/2023 13/12/2023 Singapore

HRDC Claimable Negotiation Training

Offering our Advancing Negotiation Skills and Negotiation Foundation training programmes through HRD Corp gives Malaysian companies the opportunity to invest in proven skills programmes that will transform their ability to negotiate value right across the value chain. Safe in the knowledge that they are operating at best practice levels as they continue to develop on the Global stage.

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Platinum Sponsor

Once all of the dignitaries officiated the opening ceremony at the National Human Capital Conference & Exhibition 2023, we shared with them at our booth the importance of having negotiation skills training and why negotiation skills should be part of a Corporate DNA









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We offer solutions to real-world challenges

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•  Proven process


•  Proven skills


•  Proven language


•  Proven ROI


•  Aligned to fit local language, culture and business practices


Proven programmes

With solutions tailored to better fit your specific needs


•  Based on capability assessment


•  Aligned to your business approach


•  Co-developed training applied to your real-world challenges


•  Consultancy and advisory support to enable better long-term outcomes


Customised solutions

Are you ready to negotiate more valuable deals?



We better meet your needs:




Developing capability based on a detailed understanding of your competencies


Rigorous focus throughout your journey (before, during and after)


Focussed on embedding lasting change


Measuring and delivering industry-leading ROI since 1989



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